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We produce the highest quality canine-specific probiotic and enzyme formula products designed to maximize your dog's health and performance.

Our canine products were developed by a team of international veterinarians and microbiologists. A combination of enzymes and bacteria strains work together to enhance your dog's immune system and improve the efficiency of their digestive tract. Our products can correct and prevent general diarrhea and loose stool issues in dogs. 


K9 Thrive

SciDogz provides probiotic supplements for your dog's health.


Your Dog and Nutrition

July 21, 2014

Nutrition plays a hug role in a dog’s life. Whether it’s the development of a puppy or the performance of an older dog, nutrition starts with a quality dog food. Yes, quality dog food is going to cost you more but you should be able to feed less. So don’t dwell on the cost. Also, feed the kind of dog food that is formulated for your dog. A Yorkie does not have the same nutritional needs as a Labrador. A dog in a fulltime training program running hunt tests needs higher calorie dog food with more fat and protein than a dog whose activity level may include a walk around the neighborhood.  The dogs in my kennel’s training programs are... Continue Reading →

Using Genetics to Pick Your Next Puppy

June 30, 2014

I believe a healthy dog starts the moment it’s conceived. Genetics are underrated when determining the quality of a dog.  I tell my customers, they buy half the dog and we train the other half. No matter how much training we do, we can’t make up for the first half you didn’t buy.  Most breeds have health concerns particular to that breed. With Labradors, we have hip and elbow dysplasia, eye issues, Exercise Induced Collapsed (EIC) and Centro Nucielu Mypothy, (CNM). Some breeds are known for genetic blood disorders, some have high incidences of skin allergies. Doing some research on your particular breed will allow you to find a reputable breeder to get you a healthy puppy. This puppy will... Continue Reading →