"I have a standard poodle (5.5 years old). He was a super picky eater and struggled with recurrent diarrhea and vomiting for years. After a few weeks on Thrive his gut was transformed. For the past year his appetite is consistently strong and he eats like a labrador. Thank you!!!!"

      - Julie S. | San Franciso, CA


"I had been dealing with Wyatt's dry looking nose for the better part of the fall and winter. I tried fish oil pills but they didn't seem to make any difference. His nose is better than it was, the only thing that was changed was adding K9 Thrive (which he LOVES). Wyatt is a little spark plug since using K9 Thrive. I really think he feels good and is especially eager to "go find those birds."

- Lyne R. | Hartford, SD



"Our dog is 9 months old and is doing amazing in his training (soon to be a champion!!!) but he was getting bald stops and gastro issues. My trainer suggested K9 Thrive. It was a last ditch effort before returning to the vet for some hard core meds and I must admit I had my doubts. To my great relief and surprise, within a week his hair was growing back on his bald areas and he has no more gastro issues. I've even had to cut back his food because he was gaining weight even though he is extremely active and high energy. Thanks for providing such a wonderful product. We will be lifelong users!!!"

- Rich, Sharon and Barrel (the dog) | Roberts, IL



"I just ordered my second container of K9 Thrive, even though my first is only half gone. I don't want a day to pass without my 3 Labs on it!! I feed a raw diet. While I believe it's the healthiest way to feed dogs, it caused my dogs to have looser stools than dogs fed with kibble. I had resigned myself to the fact they would always have diarrhea/soft stools. On August 10th, wse drove north to Minnesota to pick up a new puppy. The breeder fed K9 Thrive to all of his dogs (he also runs a training business), and showed it to me. He mentioned how it firms up soft stools, and I thought I'd give it a shot! I had been giving my dogs Metamucil, which firmed up their stools, but caused their stool to be gelatinous. Within a week, their stools were noticeably firm and separated easily from their bottom when going to the bathroom. I've fed my puppy and two adult Labs your product every day, and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. THANK YOU for providing such an excellent product, and helping me raise my fur kids happy and healthy!"

- Nicki W. | Cedar Rapids, IA 



" I run a hunting lodge in central South Dakota. During pheasant season our dogs get lots of hunting on our guided hunts. Our dogs need stamina and endurance to work day after day. Since adding K9 Thrive to their daily diet, they are ready to go day after day. Our kennels are cleaner and smell better due to less bouts of diarrhea and no urine smell. This stuff really works!"

- Mike S. | Grand Lodge | Highmore, SD



" I started using K9 Thrive on my 7 month German Shepherd a week ago. He was constantly having loose stools. I feed a very high quality dog food so I knew that the food wasn't an issue. After many failed attempts to control the issue, I bought K9 Thrive. In one week his stools are normal and he is beginning to gain weight. I am so impressed with this product that I just put all my Labs on it. "

- Lauraine | Professional Dog Trainer