The Science of Canine Probiotics

Benefits of Bacteria

The heart of every probiotic is the microbe. Other probiotics on the market select their bacteria because they are inexpensive or simply because they can withstand the process of forming the product into a tablet. We believe the microbe of choice must produce results and be compatible with the dog. K9 Thrive includes five strains of bacteria that were selected specially for the benefits they can provide your dog. The dog-specific bacteria was chosen because of its ability to be bile salt tolerant, ph stable and its storage viability. The bacteria in K9 Thrive are protected using a microencapsulation process which creates a physical barrier until the bacterium reaches the intestinal tract. In the gut the capsule breaks down and releases the bacteria. Delivering the bacteria alive and viable is the key for a probiotic to produce results. Seventy percent of the dogís immune system starts in the digestive tract. A healthy colony of good bacteria in the gut creates a situation called competitive exclusion where the bad bacteria have no room to gain a foothold on the intestinal wall. This minimizes the effect of the exposure of bad bacteria and viruses. You canít avoid all bad bugs because dogs naturally expose themselves by drinking, eating, and sniffing everywhere they go. K9 Thrive gets a step ahead by giving your dog the ability to slough off the bad bugs so it doesn't cause an illness.

Benefits of Enzymes

The seven enzymes in K9 Thrive are essential catalysts for the digestive process. Most enzymes are destroyed at temperatures needed to produce dog food. By supplementing K9 Thrive to your dog's daily feeding routine, you are giving back the digestive enzymes needed for the digestive tract to work efficiently. The enzymes included help break down fat, protein, fiber and carbohydrates. With these enzymes present it makes the nutrients in the food readily available and more easily absorbed by the digestive tract. The dog will now be able to take full advantage of the food itís given with less waste.  


Adding K9 Thrive to your dog's diet makes its insides work better which produces noticeable results on the outside. You will notice a healthier, shiner coat and reduced skin conditions with fewer hot spots. The digestive tract will produce solid stools, less bouts of diarrhea, and the ability for the dog to handle stress better. K9 Thrive promotes bone and muscle development in young dogs and endurance in older dogs. Dogs will also use food more efficiently through increased nutrient absorption and allow you to cut food intake back by about 15%. The yucca extract in K9 Thrive aids in reducing odor by reducing flatulence and ammonia smell in your kennel. Give K9 Thrive for the health of your canine companion. You will be amazed by the results and wonder why you didn't try it sooner.