Frequently Asked Questions

What is microencapsulation?

It is a proprietary method of protecting the bacteria to ensure the bacteria is delivered alive to the digestive tract and extends the shelve life. It surrounds the bacteria with a shell that only dissolves in the conditions present in the digestive tract thereby releasing them alive where they do the most good.


How much K9 Thrive should I give my dog?

- Dogs under 25 lbs – ½ tsp/day
- Dogs 25-85 lbs – 1 tsp/day
- Dogs 85+ lbs – 1½ tsp/day


How long does a one pound container of K9 Thrive last?

Feeding 1-teaspoon daily, one pound will last three months.


What’s the difference between K9 Thrive and Purina’s FortiFlora?

FortiFlora is designed with one strain of bacteria to be given to dogs whose digestive tract is already in distress. K9 Thrive, with 5 strains of bacteria and 7 enzymes, is designed to be given daily to promote good digestive health and prevent distress. It’s an ounce of prevention vs. a pound of cure. K9 Stop is our answer to a dog in gastro-intestinal distress, helping the dog in 3 ways with just 2 doses.


How long do I have to feed K9 Thrive before I will notice results?

Some dogs with digestive issues will notice an improvement in as little as a couple of days. First you notice firmer stools and less diarrhea. This will be followed by improvements in coat and weight gain as the digestive tract works more efficiently. Each dog is different. You will see results sooner on problem dogs that have had issues on a regular basis.


Can I give K9 Thrive to pregnant and nursing bitches?

Yes. It will help her during the stressful time and recover faster after weaning.


Can I give K9 Thrive to puppies?

Yes. Scale back the dosage to ¼ tsp. per pup. Increase to one teaspoon a day once they reach 25 pounds.


What sizes containers does K9 Thrive come in?

K9 Thrives comes in 2 sizes, 1 pound, and 25 pounds.