Probiotics Specially Formulated for Dogs

K9 Thrive is a canine-specific probiotic and enzyme formula designed to maximize your dog’s health and performance. K9 Thrive is a probiotics powder that is to be sprinkled over your dog’s food on a daily basis. K9 Thrive provides the following benefits to your dog:

Probiotics for dogs






    • Conditions skin and coat
    • Reduces diarrhea
    • Increases nutrient absorption
    • Aids in reducing hot spots
    • Controls flatulence and reduces odor
    • Promotes muscle and bone development

    How Probiotics Work

    A combination of seven enzymes and five strains of bacteria work together to enhance your dog’s immune system and improve the efficiency of their digestive tract.

    A healthy colony of good bacteria in the gut creates an environment where the bad bacteria have no room to stay on the intestinal wall. This minimizes the effect of the exposure of bad bacteria and viruses. You can’t avoid all bad bugs because dogs naturally expose themselves by drinking, eating, and sniffing everywhere they go. K9 Thrive gets a step ahead by giving your dog the ability to slough off the bad bugs so it doesn’t cause an illness.

    The seven enzymes in K9 Thrive are essential catalysts for the digestive process. By feed your dog K9 Thrive you are providing the digestive enzymes needed for the digestive track to work efficiently. The enzymes included help break down fat, protein, fiber and carbohydrates. With these enzymes present it makes the nutrients in the food readily available and more easily absorbed by the digestive tract. Increased nutrient absorption and allow you to cut food intake back by about 15%.

    What makes K9 Thrive a Superior Canine Probiotic?

    Developed by a team of international veterinarians and microbiologists, bacteria selection for K9 Thrive was a critical consideration. Other probiotics on the market select their bacteria because they are inexpensive or simply because they can withstand the process of forming the product into a tablet. K9 Thrive includes five strains of bacteria that were selected specially for the benefits they can provide for your dog.

    Probiotics only work when it gets to the gut or intestines. Most probiotic products are killed off by the acid in stomach. K9 Thrive's bacteria and enzymes survive the trip through the stomach because they are protected by our unique microencapsulation. This special coating protects the bacteria and enzymes and only opens once it reaches the intestines, where it goes to work. Delivering the bacteria alive and viable is the key for a probiotic to produce results.  


    What our Customers are Saying

    I run a hunting lodge in central South Dakota. During pheasant season our dogs get lots of hunting on our guided hunts. Our dogs need stamina and endurance to work day after day. Since adding K9 Thrive to their daily diet, they are ready to go day after day. Our kennels are cleaner and smell better due to less bouts of diarrhea and no urine smell. This stuff really works!

    -Mike S., Grand Lodge, Highmore, SD


    Try K9 Thrive and see the results for yourself. K9 Thrive is safe for puppies and pregnant or nursing dogs too!