An Essential Supplement in any Healthy & Active Dog’s Diet

While K9 Thrive can address specific concerns like diarrhea and an unhealthy skin or coat it also promotes the overall health of your dog. Dogs that are given K9 Thrive experience:

  • Enhanced digestion and nutrient absorption
  •  An ability to fight off illnesses and handle stress better
  • Improved muscle and bone development
  • Reduced arthritis and swelling in joints

K9 Thrive is a canine probiotic that contains no chemicals or drugs. It is a powder that you sprinkle on their food each day and it can be used for dogs of all sizes and ages, even puppies.


The Science behind K9 Thrive

K9 Thrive was developed by a team of international veterinarians and microbiologists. It contains 5 strains of bacteria and 7 enzymes that to enhance your dog’s immune system and improve the efficiency of their digestive tract.

Dogs need good bacteria to fight off the bad bacteria. Dogs sniff, drink and eat what they can and are exposed to millions of bad bacteria. K9 Thrive puts good bacteria in their gut and covers the walls of the intestines to prevent bad bacteria from latching on and making your dog sick.

The seven enzymes in K9 Thrive are rarely found in dog food but are essential catalysts for the digestive process. These enzymes help your dog’s digestive track work more efficiently by breaking down fat, protein and carbohydrates. This process makes it easier for dogs to digest food and absorb more of the nutrients. Eventually your dog will eat less food yet see health improvements.

K9 Thrive is a unique product because it combines both the bacteria and enzymes into one product, rather than two separate products. They work together for the benefit of your companion.


Try K9 Thrive and discover the results for yourself.